The World’s Best Football Players

If there’s one universally appealing aspect about football, it’s the quality of the athletes that set foot on the field every match. These are players that are almost unmatched in their skill and have proven their mettle after countless hours of training and practise, making them almost god-like compared to most people.

Over the last century, we’ve seen plenty of truly remarkable players, but the current generation of athletes have proven to be some of the very best. These are the greatest football players in the world at the moment.

  1. Robert Lewandowski

While he is not technically named as the best player in the world right now, there are some that regard him as the greatest of his generation, especially considering how he has been performing over the last season. This 32-year-old striker for Bayern has truly proven himself on the field and is the best goal-scorer in the game at the moment.

He managed to claim a total of 41 goals in 29 matches and got the ball into the nets 48 times during the 40 appearances he’s had while playing for Bayern. On top of that, he’s been able to edge out two of the world’s other best players: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, winning the European Golden Shoe award in a campaign that’s just about second to none.

  1. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has long been something of a showstopper in the world of football and has consistently shown that his skill is unparalleled once the whistle has been blown and the game has begun. While 2021 was not eh best year of his career, he still managed to pull off some amazing stunts, totalling 30 goals in 35 matches, as well as being involved in nine assists.

Overall, in the 47 matches that he has played for Barcelona, he has claimed 38 goals, making him the club’s most prized possession. He is also the current leader of La Liga in terms of goals as well as assists, and over his career, he has earned 743 goals for his club. There are few players in the world, both old and current, that can match up to Messi – and his likeness can be found in most of today’s media, including television and online gambling casinos in NZ.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus did not have a great season this year and barely made it to their four-place finish for the Serie A. But the failings of the team do not reflect Ronaldo, as the 36-year-old player has been nothing short of phenomenal out on the field. In fact, his club has lagged so far behind him that there are rumours that he might be moving on to something better in the near future.

Ronaldo took 29 goals for the 33 matches that he played in Serie A, and during his time with Juventus, he’s earned 101 goals playing over 133 matches. Of his 896 matches that he’s played for clubs, he’s scored 674 in total and holds the record for the most goals and assists in the history of the Champions League.