The Biggest Football Tournament Wins Of All Time

There are few international events that are quite as large as those that are hosted by the world of football. Set in massive stadiums and witnessed by tens of thousands of fans, football tournaments are designed to be as magnificent and unforgettable as possible. casino online – This has also set the stage for a great number of memorable wins, some of which left fans in awe, others that left an entire stadium cheering at the top of their lungs. These are the biggest wins in football history.

American Samoa vs Australia

It was the 2001 season, and Australia had recently come off a fresh defeat of Tonga before facing American Samoa. It was one of the greatest defeats in football history, with Australia ending the game 31 goals in the lead. In fact, they scored so frequently that the scorer eventually lost count of the goals, and the final number was displayed incorrectly as 32-0.

Archie Thompson alone managed to claim 13 goals, which was a record at the time, while David Zdrilic scored eight, and was only a few behind Thompson for the most goals in the history of the game. The teams were lopsided in this match, as most of American Samoa’s side was made up of high school students, with only one team member actually being a professional footballer.

Guam vs North Korea

Both teams that are not often encountered in international events, it was regardless a one-of-a-kind match that is still remembered to this day. During the 2005 East Asian Football Championship, Guam met their match when they faced North Korea, who claimed a whopping 21-0 victory over the small island nation, which included 7 goals that were sunk by Kwang-Hyok Kim. North Korea would go on to finish third in the tournament, while Guam lost all of the four games that they participated in.

Kuwait vs Bhutan

Bhutan is not well-known for having a strong football team and many fans would be better off playing online slots for real money rather than betting on them. This was certainly the case during the qualifier for the Asian Cup, where the team entered after having lost 3-0 to Nepal just a few days prior. But it still turned into something of a slaughter when they came face-to-face with Kuwait, who beat them 20-0.

There were seven players on Kuwait’s side that would end up scoring for the team, including Bashar Abdullah and Jasem Al-Huwaidi, scoring eight and five goals respectively. The final score came in the form of a penalty in the 77th minute of the game, to add insult to injury.

Cook Islands vs Tahiti

This match was played before either team had joined FIFA and saw the Cook Islands lose tremendously against Tahiti with a final score of 30-0. It was played during the South Pacific Games, in which the Cook Islands had lost their other two matches both with impressively contrasting final scores.

Their match against Tahiti proved to be the biggest loss for the team, however, and it’s a game that has gone down in history as one of the most one-sided ever.