Football’s Best Matches Of All Time

Football is a game like no other, with the largest fanbase in the world, some of the greatest athletes of our generation, and tournaments that outshine just about every other sport. It’s also one of the world’s oldest games, dating back thousands of years, where even our oldest ancestors like to play a similar game amongst each other.

The game truly took off in popularity over the last century, and in that time, we’ve seen an incredible mix of unforgettable games that will be remembered by fans forever. Here we’re going to be looking at some of the best football games of all time.

Brazil Vs Uruguay – 1950

Set against over 200,000 passionate fans, Brazil was just a point away from claiming their first World Cup victory. It seemed like Brazil was in for the win, being in the lead at 1-0, and most of the fans at the time were already convinced that the match was pretty much over. But that started to change thanks to an equalizer from Schiaffino. The tie remained until the last ten minutes of the game, where Alcides Ghigghia took the game for his team. Fans at the stadium will likely remember the deathly silence that followed Brazil’s loss.

Italy Vs West Germany – 1970

The 1970 World Cup semi-finals were some of the finest football gaming that the world had ever seen, and we had Italy up against West Germany, both formidable teams. Italy had been ahead for most of the game by a single point, but they would eventually enter into a tie due to an equalizer that was scored in the 90th minute, which meant that extra time was nothing but sheer suspense. Both teams had pushed ahead with a 3-3, but it would be Gianni Rivera’s kick that ultimately gave Italy the victory.

France Vs Portugal – 1950

Widely considered to be the greatest game of the generation, the European Championship semi-final was being played by France and Portugal, and it was a match that saw both teams going back and forth endlessly. It was an epic battle between some of the most talented players of all time, with starts like Jordao playing a vital role in getting his team out in front.

France would ultimately end the day as the victors thanks to shots by Domergue, and finally one more from Platini who got in the final shot during the very last minute of overtime in a display that went down in football history, and making for moments as captivating as online slots for real money.

Italy Vs Brazil – 1982

There are few football aficionados that haven’t heard of the world famous match played in 1982 between Italy and Brazil. It starred some of the biggest names in the sport and saw two titanic teams fight it out at the quarter-final stage of the World Cup. Brazil had been the favourite to win, having won their last four matches, but thanks to the truly skilled Paolo Rossi, Italy was pushed ahead into the win, leaving everyone stunned.