The World’s Largest Football Stadiums

As the world’s most popular game of all time, it makes sense that soccer would also have some of the largest stadiums on the planet. With high profile games sometimes attracting hundreds of thousands of eager fans desperate to watch their favourite teams battle it out for glory, it didn’t take long for clubs to realise that both the games and the fans needed a place to go.

While early football matches may have been played on large fields, that is no longer the case. Today’s games take place in massive stadiums that can accommodate tens of thousands of people, and here we will look at some of the biggest in the world.

The FNB Stadium

This is the very biggest football stadium that can be found on the continent of Africa, and can be found in the city of Johannesburg, located in South Africa. Also known as Soccer City, the venue was opened to the public in 2009, and was built in order to provide a space for the 2010 FIFA World Cup to take place. It should be noted that the FNB Stadium was not build from the ground up but was rather a reconstruction that was built over the original, which had been built in 1989. At its maximum, it can house 94736 people.

Melbourne Cricket Grounds

The Melbourne Cricket Grounds were originally designed to only host cricket matches when it was built in 1853, but over the years it has also been host to a number of other events, which includes football games. In fact, during the 1997 season, the Cricket Grounds were the host of the first international football match that was recognised by organisers FIFA, which was a game that took place between Iran and Australia. Along with that, it’s also been home to Juventus and Manchester United over the years, and at capacity, it can house more than 100,000 fans.

Rungrado First Of May Stadium

Technically this is the largest football stadium in the world, and it’s believed that it can hold up to 150,000 people in total, although this is just a fraction of the amount of people that visit

The problem is that it currently resides in the city of Pyongyang, which is the capital of North Korea, meaning that it’s extremely rare for any international events to take place here, even if it can hold the most people of any stadium in the world. Opened in 1989, the stadium has been host to the Arirang Games, which is the largest display of gymnastics in the world and takes place once a year.

AT&T Stadium

The AT&T Stadium, which is the home base of the Dallas Cowboys, can be found in the city of Arlington, Texas. It’s the biggest domed stadium in the world, and while it’s usually reserved for American football matches, it has hosted more than a few soccer games in its time. The roof can fully retract, opening it up to the sky, while large screens hang from from the middle. The stadium is capable of holding up to 105,000 people when packed full.