The Most Popular Football Tournaments in The World

Currently, football is the world’s most popular sport, and has a total, global fan base that’s larger than some religions, with some believing that there are around 2 billion footballs fans across the planet. There’s never been a sport quite so popular in the history of the civilised world, and it has very much shaped the modern age as we know it.

Football has also given rise to a handful of truly incredible tournaments that take place either annually, or every few years. These events are the pinnacle of organised sport, with huge attendance records that can sometimes span in the hundreds of thousands. These are some of the most popular football tournaments in the world right now.

The UEFA Champions League

One of the largest events to take place every year, The UEFA Champions League is widely considered one of the best in the world and features the very top clubs throughout Europe fight it out to earn the famous Champion Clubs Cup. It’s also the most watched annual sporting event, and not just among the Europeans, as its viewership extends across much of the planet.

One of the latest was the 2021 Champions League, which held its final in the capital city of Istanbul. The city saw a huge surge of tourists and was praised for how well it hosted the huge event.

The FA Cup

The FA Cup is one of the most prestigious events to take place in England, and is also one of the oldest official sports competitions in the world. It began as far back as 1871 when the first event took place, and over its long, 150 year history, the FA Cup has become known for its excellent tournaments, passionate fans, and for the coveted trophy.

It’s also earned a name for itself due to the many famous upsets that have taken place during this event, where many small underdog teams end up beating some of the country’s largest clubs and teams.

The World Cup

The World Cup needs little introduction, as its arguably the largest sporting event of the modern era. It’s hosted by different nations every time it takes place and makes for some of the most exciting and thrilling entertainment that money can buy, in the same vein as when we play Roulette online for money.

Only the very best teams from throughout the world reach the top of the roster in the World Cup. Almost all World Cup locations are memorable parts of the host country, and it’s frequently been the grounds for truly unforgettable moments in football history that no one is likely to ever forget.

Asian Cup

When it comes to Eastern football, the Asian Cup is the biggest affair going on, and many consider it the largest regional soccer event in the world. The event is held every four years in different venues that can be found throughout Asia, with hosts that include Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and more.

Japan has long been the more successful country in the event, although recent entries like Qatar, have made something of a big splash in the last few years.