The Most Stunning Football Fields

Football, also commonly referred to as soccer by the American audience, is still the most popular game played in the world. 3.5 billion fans throughout the world and more than 5 thousand professional clubs, it would be futile to try and count how many games are played every week.

With the sheer number of teams, games played and financial backing, it makes sense that football stadiums are the most common sporting grounds in the world. Football fields come in all shapes and sizes. From small school fields in the middle of nowhere, to, 110000+ capacity stadiums, there is a football pitch for every game imaginable.

Size can be amazing, but what about the rest of the scenery? These are some of the most beautiful and unique football fields in the world.

Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium – Switzerland

Situated 2 km above sea level, well into the Swiss alps, is a football field with a view like no other. The stunning backdrop of the snow crested alps with a picture-perfect vividly green field breaching over what seems to be an endless void, the view here alone is enough to take one’s breath away. Speaking of taking breath away, for the non-acclimatized people this may be a bit too high to play football or be very active.

Altitude sickness is a very real threat for those who have just arrived in the picturesque Gspon village, especially people who come from low altitude cities. Alas, why would anybody want to be active when they could sip on Aquavit and enjoy a football game in front of what may be the most beautiful backdrop in the world.

Marina Bay Floating Stadium – Singapore

As the name implies, the floating stadium on Marina Bay is literally a floating football field set out on the still waters of Marina Bay in Singapore. The football itself is set up like a floating dock, with the land right next to the dock playing host to the fan seating and other necessities. Along with the floating dock are several huge floodlights to allow this stadium to be used in night and day.

The oddly calming view of a football field floating on still waters with high rise buildings within 200 meters behind the stands is an odd, yet aesthetically pleasing combination. In a sense, it feels like a portrayal of Singapore itself. One of the most beautiful countries in the world, backed up by a rapidly growing powerhouse of an economy. For any lover of football and sightseeing, the floating stadium should definitely be on your list.

Stadion Gospin Dolac – Croatia

Croatia brings us what seems to be a mix of everything that may make any other football field great, a truly spectacular sight worth seeing. In fact, it’s as impressive as NRL bets in Australia on match day.

Flanked on one side with a beautiful small village akin to an old Italian village, and on the other side a sunken lake with gorgeous rocky cliff like terrain surrounding the lake, in the middle sits this perfectly recessed football field, as though surrounded by perfection. This football field truly is a joy to experience.